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March 08, 2010



I admire my Baba Bluma! She is a holocaust survivor who came to Canada with my Zaida after the war. She taught herself how to speak english by listening to the radio, raised three very successful sons and continues to be a very strong lady at the age of 89! Her ability to overcome adversity is incredible.


I admire my Lola Felicidad Mendoza. Although she has passed I still hold a special place for her in my heart. She instilled the value of family in all of us, especially since we're a very large family and we don't live in the same city. She was born in the Philippines and raised 8 children in a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house in a lower developed province. She moved to Canada with her children and started a business as a seamstress. I love that I can still remember her hearty laugh. It makes me smile! :)


There seems to be alot of Grandmothers who are inspirational people! I will add mine to the list....she lives in another province and I don't see her much. She is also well into her 90's and struggling with the challenges of aging...loss of hearing, loss of mobility and most disconcerting for me, a loss of memory. It was a different Christmas with all of us sporting name tags to help her remember who was connected with whom! She has passed on a love of life long learning and adventure; this is not a woman who lets the grass grow under her feet! How truly inspirational she is.


Mine is my mom. Last year, I watched her beat breast cancer and become a grandma at the same time... It was awe inspiring. And I love spending time with her now more than ever. She has this amazing perspective on life and what's truly important that will forever shape the woman I am and the mommy I'll be to my baby girl. She has an absolutely incredible grandma to look up to!

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