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March 08, 2011



I admire Michele and Adriana! You two are a shining example of living the dream, having focused goals, remembering the small and special things in life, and then passing them down and around to all of those around you.


I believe this marks a year that I have been following your blog! I recall posting last year on this topic and stating how I most admired my Grandmother or (Lola in Tagalog) because she moved here to Canada and created a new life for herself.

At this moment in time I am working with immigrants and refugees providing them with the skills and knowledge to help them in their job search. I have one client who told me her incredible story of moving here from the Philippines, leaving her three year old son behind. She has so much courage and determination to make a successful life for herself and bring over her son. I'm sure she will do well with focus and encouragement!

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