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I'm a mother, wife, woman and entrepreneur - and not always in that order!!


Wow, a whole paragraph just about me - shucks!!

Well, I've done alot in my life. I was born in Ontario, grew up in Manitoba, lived for almost three years in Saudi Arabia. I've traveled around the world, gone to school, have a Master's Degree in Economics, and own my own business.

I am married to Tom for 10 years this year (we've been together for 18 years) - who was my paper boy when we were in elementary school.

I have two beautiful children, Isabella (7) and Lucas (4) - Isabella would tell you she's 7 & 3/4!!

We have two dogs, Bodhi and Kali, and many, many fish. We bought my parents home two years ago so now my children are growning up in the same house I did, and going to the same school both Tom and I went to.

My business is just starting to take off and it's an exciting, busy, crazy time. We manufacture our own body products - soaps, lotions, shampoo's, etc. My business partner, Michelle Lalonde, used to be my customer until I closed my first retail store. Fate intervened, and now we both own Tiber River and have learned ALOT in the past two years. Our website is Check out my blog, you'll hear all about it.

This biography can't possibly be complete because I've got a TON more things I want to do. To hear more, you'll have to keep checking us out. I'd love to hear your comments!!


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